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Circuit Writer Books


God's Flower Children                 

The Lonely Oak Tree                   

The Theology of Equality

The Village Pulpit Vol. 1

The Village Pulpit Vol. 2

The Village Pulpit Vol. 3

The Village Pulpit Vol. 4

The Village Pulpit Vol. 5

101 Facts For Faith                       


All donations will go to World Vision to help needy children in our world. Please make checks payable to Austinville Union Church or donate using Paypal here.










The Circuit Writer Bookshelf

Our Circuit Writer books are sold on a donation basis with proceeds donated to World Vision International. Including multiplying grants we have now raised over $333,630 to help needy children around the world!

After ordering, please make any donations payable to:

Austinville Union Church - 8698 Old State Road, Troy, PA 16947 or donate using Paypal here!

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