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Reverend Kenneth Marple,

Founder, The Circuit Writer

"Rural people have always had to share to survive. In past times, several congregations  had to share a traveling preacher, or a circuit rider. The circuit rider connected them and delivered vital ministry in areas of fewer resources. We believe in our own day, The Circuit Writer ( can accomplish the same service; perhaps even better."

Our purpose is simple...

We are a non-profit web project dedicated to supporting the growth, encouragement, development, strength and vitality of rural and village churches. It is our observation that nearly all church literature is directed toward high density urban areas. Rural and village churches are thereby forced to employ mega-church ideology and techniques in townships of 900 people or less. We feel the rural church could do better by doing what it does best- sharing. The Circuit Writer ( is a platform for communities with fewer resources, including fewer people, to pool and share their material with congregations like their own.

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